Our Company

Leader in growth and processing of crystalline materials.

Company History

In the fall of 1932, Philip Reynold Hoffman built, as a hobby, saws for cutting petrified wood. At the request of a local “ham” radio operator who needed a quartz wafer to keep his transmitter on the frequency channels allotted to him by the government, P. R. made his first crystal. The demand for these precision-cut crystals became so great that in 1938, the P. R. Hoffman Company was founded.

Over time, ownership changed hands and the company diversified into product lines having similar materials and processing requirements.  In 1981 the P. R. Hoffman Company split into two divisions: P. R. Hoffman Materials Processing and P. R. Hoffman Machine Products.  Today, former P. R. Hoffman Materials Processing operates under the name Hoffman Materials, LLC.


Hoffman Materials, LLC currently operates in Granite Falls, NC. This facility is comprised of two buildings totaling approximately 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space for Czochralski crystal growth and processing of several crystalline materials into sensor elements, wafers and other geometries, as required by customer specification requirements.