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ABOUT - Hoffman Materials, LLC Operating out of two east coast locations

Our Company

Leader in growth and processing of crystalline materials.

Company History

In the fall of 1932, Philip Reynold Hoffman built, as a hobby, saws for cutting petrified wood. At the request of a local “ham” radio operator who needed a quartz wafer to keep his transmitter on the frequency channels allotted to him by the government, P. R. made his first crystal. The demand for these precision-cut crystals became so great that in 1938, the P. R. Hoffman Company was founded.

Over time, ownership changed hands and the company diversified into product lines having similar materials and processing requirements.  More recently, in 2008 Mark Rauchfuss acquired selected assets of Hoffman Materials, Inc., and formed Hoffman Materials, LLC. In 2009, the company purchased the crystal growth laboratory from the University of Central Florida, and formed Krystal Engineering, LLC. In 2016, these operations were transferred to the current location in Granite Falls, NC. Since then the company has continued to diversify, with one of the most notable achievements being entry into the high temperature piezoelectric material market through growth of single crystal LGT, and parts fabricated therefrom.

Recent News

Following almost 14 years of technical and strategic leadership, most recently as Chairman, Mark Rauchfuss has elected to retire from the company to pursue other interests. Mark will be available to serve the Board in an advisory capacity.


Hoffman Materials, LLC currently operates in two East coast locations that are in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, USA.

North Carolina Facility:  The headquarters of Hoffman Materials, LLC now resides in Granite Falls, NC. This facility is comprised of two buildings totaling approximately 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space for Czochralski crystal growth and processing of several crystalline materials into sensor elements, wafers and other geometries, as required by customer specification requirements.

Pennsylvania Facility:  The original location of the P. R. Hoffman Company which has approximately 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space containing a wide range precision machinery for processing of crystalline materials into sensor elements, wafers and other geometries, as required by customer specification requirements.

About Hoffman Materials, LLC

Hoffman Materials, LLC is a recognized innovator and industry leader in the growth and custom production of single crystal and ceramic materials. HM processes raw material that is provided or supplies the material with in-house grown or purchased product.

North Carolina Facility

230 Timberbrook Ln
Granite Falls, NC 28630

Pennsylvania Facility

321 Cherry Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

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