Quartz Blanks

Hoffman Materials' planar quartz blanks are manufactured from pure Z quartz, insuring good, long term stability and high Q. All standard cuts are available, including 0o X, 0o Y, 0o Z, AT, BT, CT, DT, FC, IT, and SC. All other cuts including low frequency are possible. Crystal blanks can be made of swept or un-swept quartz with polished or unpolished surfaces and with or without beveled edges. Round crystal blanks can also be purchased with reference flats located at specific locations.

Frequency ranges for AT, BT and doubly rotated cuts are from 1 MHz to 30 MHz. Since crystal blanks are usually custom designed parts, there are few standard sizes. Those that fit common holder types such as the HC-36, HC-37, HC-43 and HC-45 are listed in our datasheet. Lower frequency cuts are also available. For the AT cut, the quartz blank thickness (in inches) is determined by the following equation: Thickness in inches ~ 0.0654" / Desired Frequency (MHz). When ordering crystal blanks for resonator purposes, be sure to take into consideration the amount of frequency shift caused by further processing (contouring, lapping, polishing, etching and metal deposition).